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Getting Ready to Sell Your Home ?

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Do you know exactly what to do to get the best price? Are you prepared to negotiate with real estate agents? The resale experts at Active Adult Properties can help. Our experienced agents can guide you through the process, determine the most effective way to market your home and get you the best possible price.

While some people opt to try the “For Sale By Owner” approach, it usually turns out to be a lot more work than they think. Many people don’t realize the sheer number of details involved in successfully selling a home! Do the research, and you might realize that using an experienced real estate agent to list your home saves time, frustration and money.

Why Choose Active Adult Properties Agents ?

Listing agents have exclusive marketing resources. The most crucial is that they will list your home on the agent-only MLS (Multiple Listing Service). Additionally, they will use their network of agents to “spread the word” and also provide professional exposure on the web and in print.

Listing agents will close the transaction. By eliminating buyers’ fears and ensuring a smooth buying experience, your listing agent will make the decision to buy your home an easy one for the prospective buyer.

Listing agents can help you set the right price. Because they work on commission, they have a vested interest in getting you top dollar for your home.

Listing agents eliminate all the “tire-kickers.” They field numerous inquiries and pre-qualify potential buyers, ensuring that only actual buyers will be touring your home. They provide follow-up by keeping in touch with buyers after they view your home.

Listing agents are experienced negotiators. Many people are uncomfortable haggling over price or discussing closing terms. Listing agents take an objective approach with your best interest in mind.

Our listing agents are very familiar with the home selling market, which translates into a faster and less-stressful selling experience for you.

Listing agents take care of all the legal paperwork, including title research, disclosure forms, contracts and escrows. If applicable, listing agents will review Homeowner’s Association rules and regulations to ensure the sale is in full compliance.

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